Nate taught me how important it is to ‘find your tribe’. It has been amazing to meet so many like-minded positive people in a supportive environment. I have made memories and friendships that will last a lifetime and stay in my heart forever.


After the life changing week we have just had at IGS, I feel such a sense of optimism that our students will continue to receive the gifts you bring and your vision will continue to be writ large across Australian skies! For 100 Year 9 kids at IGS, you and your remarkable team gave them an experience that nobody can ever take away from them. It was breathtaking!


Thanks for the wisdom and energy.

I just wanted to send a quick thank you, but a thank you of epic proportions. Your patience and creativity won our kids and they in turn have been given a life long experience to remember. Those that made it to the night are still buzzing. Their comradery after the event has been instilled for life. They have shared such a positive experience. Thank you for providing such an inclusive experience for all kids. Watching you all professionally has re-installed my passion for teaching them…and also helped me believe in myself again as a teacher. I really hope we can bring your programme to Eagle Vale again.


I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

It was truly great to be a part of it. Not only did I build on my skills to work in a team and to make friends, but I also had all of my ideas included and listened to! It’s a great environment to be in and nobody is judged. I loved [it] and I’d do it again and again. Murray and the rest of the people there are not only educators, but role models.


Creativity & fun are at the heart of everything Murray and the team do.

The programme is structured to encourage a team approach. It is an inclusive model where everyone involved has a voice and is expected to contribute. We have witnessed firsthand as our daughter and many of her school friends were lucky enough to be involved.


As a music educator, I appreciate the strong philosophical and educational principles this programme has been built upon.

Every child is encouraged to sing and make a creative contribution to the work being developed. Murray and his team clearly have a strong belief that everyone is capable of singing and have developed effective strategies for creating a supportive environment in which all participants come to share this belief too. It is a wonderful example of learning by doing, but even more importantly, it demonstrates what is possible when we have a belief in the capacity and creativity of young people to embrace an art form which is usually regarded as difficult and inaccessible. I love the way that the process is as important as the final product. It is in the activity of creating, sharing, exploring, laughing, fearing, performing and singing together that such development is possible, and the final product is really much more about sharing the joy of this process and educating the audience to understand how capable young people can be when given a chance to truly stretch themselves.


Your programme crossed many cultural, socio-economic, language and learning divides.

Under Murray’s innovative leadership, brilliant sense of humour, passion, sensitivity and humanity, along with a fabulous supporting team, students at Lurnea High School have written, choreographed and performed highly imaginative tales in operatic form. The programme gave students the confidence to speak their ideas and collaborate and contribute in creative ways. Teaching young people that they can transform their own and others lives through musical story-telling such as this programme affords is profoundly important. In preparing our students to embrace the 21st century, to be creative & critical thinkers and to be prepared for a future that none of us can see, ground-breaking programmes such as this has enabled Lurnea High School to connect our students to the world beyond our school gates. Schools cannot do everything on their own – our partnership with Murray and his team has provided critically important, highly developed and sophisticated experiences which have helped transform & expand student awareness of the world in which they live. Bravo Murray and your outstanding team!