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Love what we do? Support us. Seeing the incredible impact that our philosophies and methodologies have had on so many young people inspires us to try and deliver the programme to as many schools as possible.

We are firm in our belief that all young people are creative. Unfortunately, not all schools are able to secure the funding for our incursions.

If you would like to contribute to our Scholarship Fund that goes directly towards bringing Opera Express to those who could benefit most, please contact Murray directly.
0403 780 108

We’d like to thank our generous supporters: Philip & Lorraine Levy, Wendy Hamlin, Rosey & Damien Holloway

The programme inspired the students involved by giving them confidence in their own ability and supporting every musical idea and dream the group came up with. It was made very clear to the group that they were in charge and as a result, the students thrived. It was wonderful to see each member of the group feel vital in the decision-making process and the skills learnt within this programme have been beneficial to each member in their own endeavours.