Opera Express is an experiential creative arts programme like no other.


Our mission is to empower, inspire and encourage young people.


Students create and perform their own original opera in just four days.


Nurturing young people to discover their own potential.

One of the most valued & valuable experiences our students have had the opportunity to be engaged in.


Our Philosophy is to actively encourage and promote a culture of fearless creativity in our young people & empower them to be the best they can be.

These are the four prinicples we actively undertake throughout our work:

  • When it comes to creativity there is no such thing as a bad idea and no such thing as a wrong answer (Students are encouraged to feel free to explore their creativity without fear of judgement).
  • Adults will be ignored (This is what the students themselves devise – we will not tell them how to do things, what we want them to do, nor will they take things that others have already made).


  • There will be nothing disrespectful (this allows parameters for behaviour and material to be in place in the lightest and yet most powerful of ways. It also means that students can explore complex issues (such as sexism, bullying or racism) provided that they find a respectful way of doing so – many a remarkable discussion has been had with groups of teenagers as to how to show racism respectfully).
  • If you volunteer someone else you volunteer yourself (This promotes respecting the other members of the group and the idea that if you are unwilling to do something yourself, you shouldn’t try to make someone else do it).